A Digital Trainers Toolbox To Help Crane Operators Update Their Skills for Industry 4.0 Environments

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about the project

CRANE 4.0 aims to up-skill and re-skill the European construction labour force with new skills in order to meet the demand of the labour market for the Industry 4.0 requirements.

CRANE 4.0 develops innovative training paths and methods for teaching,
learning and assessing the learning outcomes, through the use of Virtual Reality thus supporting the educators and learners in using digital technologies in creative, collaborative and efficient ways.

crane operators


virtual reality


training methods


Curriculum Handbook

The output will be divided into two sections: the first
one will contain the description of the Course Plan, the second one will consist in a Didactic Manual containing the methodology and the teaching materials.

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Virtual Reality Application Development

SQLearn partner will take care of the design,
development and testing of the VR application, IBOXC will lead the assessment, validation and recognition phases.
The development requires four main stages: Specifications Definition, Beta Version Development, Beta Version Testing and Final Application Development.

Blended pilot testing

The pilot will be attended by at least 55 mobile crane operators willing to upskill themselves and acquire new labour market-oriented competences. The testers will first attend the 40 hours face-to-face training with the partners' trainers and then will attend the VR laboratories devoted to the use of the new VR application.

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