transnational report

main goals

As part of the activities of the Intellectual Output 1 of the Erasmus+ Crane 4.0 project, the partners published the result of a survey carried out in their countries to assess the main training needs required by crane operators in the new 4.0 industrial setting. Another important goal was to outline how adequate the internal training carried out by companies and the training offer of VET organizations was in relation to new technologies with particular reference to KETs.

The target to which the questionnaires were addressed, 20 per partner, was made up of crane operators, operators and managers of VET organizations and safety managers.

The areas on which the survey is developed are:

          - Main training needs
          - Effectiveness of the actual training offer perception and most effective training delivery methods
          - Main obstacles preventing access to training
          - Most relevant competencies for a crane operator
          - In which area the crane operators need more training or better training offer
          - Among the emerging skills, which are the most relevant

In addition to the questionnaires, each partner conducted 5 in-depth interviews to better explore the situation of vocational training in the respective countries.







In depth interviews




This report collects all this information by proposing the analyzes made in the individual countries and trying to make an overall reading of the situation in relation to this specific sector.